Sunday, December 30, 2007

Terry's 51st Birthday SURPRISE!

We had a great crowd for Terry's 51st birthday at Blackhorse Pub and Brewery AND I managed to keep it a surprise.
Betty Lou dressed up and jumped out of a cake for the occasion...too funny!

Although, he claims to be anti-social, Terry said he really enjoyed the party after the initial shock. So, I'm not in any real trouble and we had a great evening with friends. Check it here.

Katherine & Joe

Great, great, great images of Katherine and Joe! We had a big time with our engagement session downtown, during unseasonably warm weather in December. Joe and Katherine are planning a spring wedding that is sure to be big fun.

Joe picked the music for the slideshow and I think it is very sweet.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Terry's

My Terry made Christmas Eve breakfast for all who could get up and come feast. His sister Jackie is in the pretty blue ensemble and her daughter Brandie is at her shoulder. Brandie rolled out to take Jackie to her radiation session and then they came up from Nashville. That's Terry's Sam hugging all over him and my sister Joy at the back. Mom, Jordan and Julianne had a wonderful country ham, bacon, sausage and biscuit, also. I just realized I'm not in any pictures... I was too lazy to get the tripod!

The slideshow is here: Terry's at Christmas
It was so great to see Jackie and Brandie. Thanks for doing the driving girls!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Special People

Life's not always easy, even for the beautiful people.

Savannah is a beautiful child and so is her family. And their life is not so easy. But you'd never know it by the loving and giving within this family. They were a complete joy to work with and we plan to do another session in the spring.

Her mother found me through the American Child Photographers Charity Guild.
I had registered on the web site awhile back, to volunteer my services for any family with a desire to have portraits of a special needs child.
Savannah's mother April has outsmarted her doctors and kept her around 5 years longer than they had thought was possible. At seven, she is a hand full, literally. She must be carried, as she has no muscle control, and April stays at home with her, as public schooling leads to too many infections and more doctor visits. Her breathing is labored and her compromised brain (from birth) allows her to show little emotion. Her sister Chelsey is a wonderful help and has a very kind spirit and tons of patience.

The Dill Family Slideshow.

Savannah and Dad rested a minute during the shoot.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Julia and Matt (Mulia)

Terry and I fell in love with these recent West Point grads. Julia and Matt have only just arrived in Clarksville and won't be here long, either. I told them if the military thing didn't work out, they'd always have a career in modeling!
Terry doesn't normally go with me on E-sessions, but he came along to hold my umbrella for me, as it was raining away with no relief in sight. So, it was kinda like a double date when we stopped in at Blondie's for a snack. I got loads of great shots, even after Julia was soaked when a car drove by and sprayed her feet! Great fun, good times. Here's their slideshow: Mulia!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Graduation Day!

My first born graduated today! Jordan looked happy and radiant today as she received her diploma from Austin Peay...well they'll mail it shortly anyway. I couldn't be more proud. Here's her slideshow: graduation

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Anna Grace is Two

I just love Anna Grace. She is so aminated and full of herself. She came by for me to take some Christmas pictures in her pretty red dress. Here's the slideshow: Anna Grace

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ameir and Jen

Oh wow! Is Ameir just too too cute? My hairdresser extraordinaire, Jen, and her son Ameir paid us a visit recently. I made a little slideshow of the pics: Ameir

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweet Kayla

I took some photos of a sweet baby girl and her parents this week. Baby Kayla is 3 months old and her mom and dad are so proud of her. Here's the family: The Kennedys

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Grandbabies

Made a slideshow for my sister: The Grandbabies Take a look.

A time for Thanksgiving

The annual Thanksgiving photo included all family members this year. We normally aggravate only the grandchildren with photo time for the holiday greeting cards, but this year I wanted us all. This way I don't have to force the group picture during our Christmas celebration. My brother Bill, his wife Janice, their daughters Jenna and Jessica are on the left. My sister Joy and her husband Jack are on the stairs, Jack's son Joe and his fiance Katherine are midway in the back, and my daughter Jordan and her fiance Michael are next to them. Terry and I finish the back row. Front left is my daughter Julianne and her friend Austin. Mother Wilmuth got the chair and Jack's daughter Dana is seated with her son Cole and husband Paul. Next is Joy's daughter Jill and her son Trey. Anthony; Joy's son, and his wife Ashlee and daughter Baylee make the family complete.
Jessica, Julianne, and Jordan
My girls.
And a wonderful image of the grandchildren.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Em & Tyler and Fun in Memphis

We started with lunch at Chile's with our Memphis tour guides Tyler and Emily. Tyler is a Rhodes College Alum and showed us around his beautiful campus.

Emily will graduate from UT Martin when she finishes her student teaching this semester and the wedding is in May. Yay!
The library at Rhodes has a good selection and the happy couple found some educational reading.
They are both just beautiful and really 'worked it' for me. We had a great day.

Ahhh...downtown Memphis is always happening. These ladies said they were usually normal.

BB Kings was hoppin, too.

And here's the whole gang. Thanks for a big day in Memphis!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Six month milestone

Miss Baylee was all dressed for Christmas in her Saturday photo shoot. She was fascinated with the huge ornaments I found for props. And there's mom and dad, Ashlee and Anthony with the little cutie.

Ella was celebrating her six month mark also and we did her photo shoot at her home.
She just had to show off her two new teeth! She is a happy baby. Here's her slideshow: Ella

Monday, November 5, 2007

Caryn and Andrew funtime

After some pre-game exercises:

and some fancy

and a little warm-up
Caryn and Andrew made it to the Vol Walk in time to high-five Coach Fulmer on the team's way to a homecoming victory.
These two very sweet people will be wed in March and see many more football games together. They are a wonderful couple and we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities of a UT game week-end.
Caryn and Andrew will be at Pictage soon under Kimsey Givens Wedding.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Little Tricksters

Is Baylee June the cutest duck ever? My great niece got a little warm in her duck outfit so photos were made separately of my three: the great niece and the nephews. Trey was looking suave in his Ratatouille (is that right?) costume.
And Cole looked fabulous as a dragon/dino. Not sure about which, but he sure looked cute!
Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yay Shea!

Well, gee, I need to post!
I received a wonderful email from my friend Shea Halliburton yesterday and I need to share her images of her young cousin Charlie. He is the cutest thing! His daddy, Sammy used to read to my daughter Jordan when she was in kindergarten at East Montgomery. He was in the 5th grade and they came to the kindergarten classes to read to them. Is that sweet or what?
Shea is doing some really nice wedding work. She has great engagement photos of Sam Gentry and his intended.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jordan and Michael

Well, we met Michael in kindergarten...I thought he was cute, Jordan wasn't as impressed.
Then in high school, Michael's Aunt Patty and I threw them together, on the road to club volleyball competitions. Michael is great fun and very not-shy. Jordan has always been on the quiet side and very reserved. It was a match meant to be. I so adore both my beautiful daughter and my future son-in-law and greatly appreciate their indulgence in a very pleasant photo session in downtown Clarksville. The wedding is July 12. Save the date!

Both my 'children' will graduate from my alma mater, Austin Peay, shortly. Jordan is due to walk the line in December and Michael (he hit a glitch in scheduling) will receive his degree the following semester. Then it's on to grown-up jobs.

There are SEVERAL more photos of the tickled couple at Pictage. Enter: Evans Rye Wedding
Here is their multi-media birth-til-now show for the rehearsal dinner: Michael Jordan

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jenny and happy together

Now, that was fun!
Jenny and Russell are getting married next October and we had a fun engagement shoot today.
Russell is leaving in a couple of weeks on a humanitarian mission to Honduras and will be back just in time for the wedding, leaving all the fun of planning to Jenny!
Jenny is the granddaughter of my next door neighbors and has grown into quite a beautiful young woman.

They are so relaxed and comfortable with each other, the shoot was a breeze. They are just tickled to be together.

'Gimme a J'.... isn't it great to have your very own cheerleader?
And a fellow fashion plate? Nice hats! Thanks guys.