Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost Heaven

Oh my goodness! Keystone Colorado is some backdrop for a wedding! My good friend and photographer Kay Beaton invited me out to second shoot with her and take in the beauty of the ranch. Here's Kay on the job...or is it really work at all?

Here is what she is watching so contentedly... the cutest ring bearer ever!

The bride and groom were extremely comfortable and revelled in the day. There were games of horse shoes, city slickers learning to rope stationary steers, wonderful ranch style food, and plenty of lively conversation with good friends.

Kate and Kevin are such a fabulous couple. They are both avid mountain bikers and the after- dinner toasts reflected their mutual love and respect of the countryside. The whole day was really a blast.

While Kay and I were busy recording some pretty darn good images, her husband took Terry fishing and hiking at the Montgomery Lake area. The Beaton youngun's (they just love it when we talk country) Heather and Tyler, entertained Terry also and he thoroughly enjoyed his day. They also caught our dinner of trout! Kirk whipped up some rice and corn to go with it and we were treated to a very pleasant dinner while Kay downloaded all the cards from the wedding.

Even though we will probably not fly Frontier again...that's a whole 'nother story...we had a great weekend in a beautiful landscape.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a great group

While Courtney and Eric are enjoying a Jamaica honeymoon, I'm working feverishly to get pictures of the beautiful wedding day posted at www.Pictage.com (enter Albright Kimsey Wedding). Madison Street Methodist is such a regal setting and affords so many opportunities for photos, we got carried away. Here is one of my favorites of the group, so far.

My first born is 4th from the left and will be getting married next summer. Jordan and Courtney have been best friends since kindergarten. Time sure does fly when you're raising great kids.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Beautiful

In a 'hot' bridal shoot, descriptive of the temperature and the bride, Courtney looked beyond fabulous. Here is a teaser, as it would just be wrong (I think) to post all bridals before the wedding.

Speaking of hot...her mom Debbie aided in the dressing and my daughter Jordan assisted with finishing touches. What a cute trio.

Monday, July 9, 2007


My neighbor's boston terrier, at least I think that's what he is, came over for an ear scratch Sunday morning. He must have known how much I miss Mallory on Sunday mornings with my coffee on the porch. Mallory was about 14 years old when she moved on to dog heaven this spring.

He was an excellent visitor and as all the family members showed up for lunch, they all talked to him and said how well behaved he was.

The cat was not amused, however. She was less than thrilled about him using her personal space on the front porch.

Sunday was also bridal portrait day for my daughter Jordan's BFF Courtney. I'll post some of those later. She is a beautiful girl! The wedding is Saturday and Jordan will be in it. What a bonus for me. I can hardly wait.