Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bubble Bath Exit

OK, I know I'm being a bad girl, but I just had to post one more picture of Stacey and Adam's wedding. Stacey took a tumble as she was making her get-away with Adam to the reception. In true Miss USA form, she hopped right back up and smiled her way to the car.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stacey & Adam on the Town

Saturday's wedding was just way too much fun! Stacey and Adam are so crazy about each other and such a hoot to be around! And up for anything where pictures were concerned.
Stacy was a little iffy on the pool game by the end of the reception, but Adam assured us she was really very skilled at the game.

There was no coaxing needed for these smiles and smooches. These two are very happy and comfortable together.

With family members traveling from New Jersey and Florida, it was a very small group, so we felt like guests also. Just guests with big cameras! I can't wait to finish editing all the photos and get them online.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Caryn is gearing up

It's tough showing images from a bridal session without giving a peek at the dress. Here's a teaser, though, of Caryn on location at Belmont Mansion in Nashville. I can TELL you though, the dress is fabulous and very Caryn. I adore grandmother's pearls being used in a wedding. Just a little rework of the clasp and they're ready for show. Beautiful!
Caryn's mother Margaret attended to the bride with great care and a good eye for detail. What a wonderful MOB (photographer speak for Mother Of the Bride)!
I don't know why, but I like 'mussed' hair pictures.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Country Chapel Photo Session

Model Michelle of Brides Boutique poses for me in front of A Country Chapel in Adams, TN.

Beth Cullison of Turning Point Productions is the driving force behind Clarksville She recently coordinated a photo shoot to feature several vendors for the site and allowed me the honor of taking the pictures. This is Rockelle Coffey, makeup artist, preparing Michelle for our shoot. Rockelle's work is amazing. She made Michelle even prettier!The Chapel is in a wonderfully secluded area where we can shoot for hours in the middle of the road. Lorri Vogel runs an excellent operation and I always enjoy my events here. She also makes fabulous wedding cakes and will be creating one for my daughter's wedding in July. I am so glad Lorri and the Chapel 'found' each other. The church no longer had a congregation and was in danger of falling into ruin when Lorri discovered it. She and her husband have made it a show place.
Now that is one beautiful bride. Michelle is planning her wedding for later this summer.
She and her mother Edith Cox are doing a bang up job with the Bride's Boutique, providing many of the dresses for my most recent weddings and for my daughter's.And here are the three muskateers; Edith, Beth and Lorri. What a great group to work with.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Unconditional Love

We all want it.
To be loved unconditionally is the greatest thing. And that's what a puppy will do for you.
I read a quote somewhere that said something like 'Aspire to be the person your dog thinks you are'. I Thought that was funny.
After going as long as I ever have without a dog, about a year now, Terry bought us a sweet little black lab puppy. Jack is eight weeks old and full of life. He is the only canine among our 5 cats.