Monday, November 26, 2007

A time for Thanksgiving

The annual Thanksgiving photo included all family members this year. We normally aggravate only the grandchildren with photo time for the holiday greeting cards, but this year I wanted us all. This way I don't have to force the group picture during our Christmas celebration. My brother Bill, his wife Janice, their daughters Jenna and Jessica are on the left. My sister Joy and her husband Jack are on the stairs, Jack's son Joe and his fiance Katherine are midway in the back, and my daughter Jordan and her fiance Michael are next to them. Terry and I finish the back row. Front left is my daughter Julianne and her friend Austin. Mother Wilmuth got the chair and Jack's daughter Dana is seated with her son Cole and husband Paul. Next is Joy's daughter Jill and her son Trey. Anthony; Joy's son, and his wife Ashlee and daughter Baylee make the family complete.
Jessica, Julianne, and Jordan
My girls.
And a wonderful image of the grandchildren.

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