Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jennifer and Charles, everlasting love

Together for 8 years already, 'dating' since middle school, Jennifer and Charles organized a seamless wedding day. (With help from both families of course!) They were relaxed and excited all at the same time. And neither one could stop smiling. Charles made sure we had plenty of time before the ceremony for photos downtown and their 'first look' was just as cute as could be. What a gorgeous bride!

Charles has the most marvelous expressions. He is so very animated.

We took gobs of pictures downtown, even though it was hot as blue blazes. My mother used to say that.
Terry was stationed in the choir balcony for the perfect view. First Baptist Church is wonderfully lighted.
The maid of honor's mother made the dresses for the girls and each one selected her own style of dress. The one in the over-the-top bow is the maid of honor. Love it! This group was such fun. They were a joy to be around.

I have no worries about this union and we were so honored to share their day. Thanks guys! Here's their wedding slideshow: Van Dyke