Friday, October 12, 2007

Jordan and Michael

Well, we met Michael in kindergarten...I thought he was cute, Jordan wasn't as impressed.
Then in high school, Michael's Aunt Patty and I threw them together, on the road to club volleyball competitions. Michael is great fun and very not-shy. Jordan has always been on the quiet side and very reserved. It was a match meant to be. I so adore both my beautiful daughter and my future son-in-law and greatly appreciate their indulgence in a very pleasant photo session in downtown Clarksville. The wedding is July 12. Save the date!

Both my 'children' will graduate from my alma mater, Austin Peay, shortly. Jordan is due to walk the line in December and Michael (he hit a glitch in scheduling) will receive his degree the following semester. Then it's on to grown-up jobs.

There are SEVERAL more photos of the tickled couple at Pictage. Enter: Evans Rye Wedding
Here is their multi-media birth-til-now show for the rehearsal dinner: Michael Jordan

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Beaton Photography said...

Beautiful Joan! Is it hard to photograph your own children? You did a great job & must be proud of ALL of them!