Monday, December 24, 2007

Special People

Life's not always easy, even for the beautiful people.

Savannah is a beautiful child and so is her family. And their life is not so easy. But you'd never know it by the loving and giving within this family. They were a complete joy to work with and we plan to do another session in the spring.

Her mother found me through the American Child Photographers Charity Guild.
I had registered on the web site awhile back, to volunteer my services for any family with a desire to have portraits of a special needs child.
Savannah's mother April has outsmarted her doctors and kept her around 5 years longer than they had thought was possible. At seven, she is a hand full, literally. She must be carried, as she has no muscle control, and April stays at home with her, as public schooling leads to too many infections and more doctor visits. Her breathing is labored and her compromised brain (from birth) allows her to show little emotion. Her sister Chelsey is a wonderful help and has a very kind spirit and tons of patience.

The Dill Family Slideshow.

Savannah and Dad rested a minute during the shoot.

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Emily Layne Photography said...

These are so cute! My favorites are 12,54,57,76,and 77. Adorable family!