Thursday, June 26, 2008

Girls Gone Wild

'Just over the Kentucky line' is how Sarah described our trip to her nieces' photo session. It's actually a little piece of heaven on earth. Sarah's friend Susan shared her homestead with us for an afternoon of country discovery and shooting. Susan brought the horses around for a good petting before she exercised them for a bit. We also found snake skins and baby birds. I think the girls enjoyed it, I know I did.

slide show time: Ava and Halie's Fan Club

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Waiting patiently, Sarah and Trent

It's midnight as I sit here at the computer asleep. And I really do enjoy this or I wouldn't stay up all night working on it.
Trent was razzing me a bit, during our photo shoot, about my blog postings and how I always said my couples are so sweet or so fun or so whatever. He puts me in mind of my cousin Rob (and a little bit of my brother too), as he has a very serious demeanor and a sharp, dry wit.
But, the thing is, I really do like being around people, meeting new people, and just yakking about anything and everything. I liked getting to know Trent and Sarah (who really are sweet and fun and cute and a bunch of other adjectives) and Sarah's brother's family (whose photos I'll post shortly).
Trent and Sarah have been married 10 years and are expecting their first child within a month. They still act like newlyweds and let me just say that is going to be one lucky baby.

We toured the Nashville area for our shoot: Centennial Park and the Bi-Centennial Mall. And while Sarah is still in much better shape than I am, I think she had had enough after a couple of hours in the heat.

I fixed up a little slideshow here: Almost Time

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Sunny Sunday Wedding

Kassidy and Mark were both glowing all day Sunday. I never saw Kassidy without a smile on her pretty face. The wedding was outside at Lorri and Bob Vogel's A Country Chapel in Adams, TN and a lovely breeze kept the soaring temperatures in check. Of course, there are many editing hours ahead from this sweet wedding day, but I wanted to post a few right away.

Part of the Posse.
Kassidy with her sister Jordan
The wonderful bride and her sister Janelle.
The absolutely gorgeous flowers are from Helen's Flowers of Guthrie.

I just really enjoy a country many ways to shoot with few obstructions and very little traffic. It was just extremely pleasant, romantic, and stress-free from start to finish.