Sunday, December 16, 2007

Julia and Matt (Mulia)

Terry and I fell in love with these recent West Point grads. Julia and Matt have only just arrived in Clarksville and won't be here long, either. I told them if the military thing didn't work out, they'd always have a career in modeling!
Terry doesn't normally go with me on E-sessions, but he came along to hold my umbrella for me, as it was raining away with no relief in sight. So, it was kinda like a double date when we stopped in at Blondie's for a snack. I got loads of great shots, even after Julia was soaked when a car drove by and sprayed her feet! Great fun, good times. Here's their slideshow: Mulia!


Dove Wedding Photography said...

Joan, Just watched the slideshow- I LOVE #60 of them in front of the mural with the umbrella! Great job!


Rebecca said...

great pics!!! I love the blue wall!

Joan Evans said...

Thanks girls! I'm consistantly surprised with the back drops in our downtown area. Great subjects help, too!
- Joan

John Sanderson said...

I really like that stairwell shot. Nice work.