Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweet Kayla

I took some photos of a sweet baby girl and her parents this week. Baby Kayla is 3 months old and her mom and dad are so proud of her. Here's the family: The Kennedys

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Grandbabies

Made a slideshow for my sister: The Grandbabies Take a look.

A time for Thanksgiving

The annual Thanksgiving photo included all family members this year. We normally aggravate only the grandchildren with photo time for the holiday greeting cards, but this year I wanted us all. This way I don't have to force the group picture during our Christmas celebration. My brother Bill, his wife Janice, their daughters Jenna and Jessica are on the left. My sister Joy and her husband Jack are on the stairs, Jack's son Joe and his fiance Katherine are midway in the back, and my daughter Jordan and her fiance Michael are next to them. Terry and I finish the back row. Front left is my daughter Julianne and her friend Austin. Mother Wilmuth got the chair and Jack's daughter Dana is seated with her son Cole and husband Paul. Next is Joy's daughter Jill and her son Trey. Anthony; Joy's son, and his wife Ashlee and daughter Baylee make the family complete.
Jessica, Julianne, and Jordan
My girls.
And a wonderful image of the grandchildren.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Em & Tyler and Fun in Memphis

We started with lunch at Chile's with our Memphis tour guides Tyler and Emily. Tyler is a Rhodes College Alum and showed us around his beautiful campus.

Emily will graduate from UT Martin when she finishes her student teaching this semester and the wedding is in May. Yay!
The library at Rhodes has a good selection and the happy couple found some educational reading.
They are both just beautiful and really 'worked it' for me. We had a great day.

Ahhh...downtown Memphis is always happening. These ladies said they were usually normal.

BB Kings was hoppin, too.

And here's the whole gang. Thanks for a big day in Memphis!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Six month milestone

Miss Baylee was all dressed for Christmas in her Saturday photo shoot. She was fascinated with the huge ornaments I found for props. And there's mom and dad, Ashlee and Anthony with the little cutie.

Ella was celebrating her six month mark also and we did her photo shoot at her home.
She just had to show off her two new teeth! She is a happy baby. Here's her slideshow: Ella

Monday, November 5, 2007

Caryn and Andrew funtime

After some pre-game exercises:

and some fancy

and a little warm-up
Caryn and Andrew made it to the Vol Walk in time to high-five Coach Fulmer on the team's way to a homecoming victory.
These two very sweet people will be wed in March and see many more football games together. They are a wonderful couple and we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities of a UT game week-end.
Caryn and Andrew will be at Pictage soon under Kimsey Givens Wedding.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Little Tricksters

Is Baylee June the cutest duck ever? My great niece got a little warm in her duck outfit so photos were made separately of my three: the great niece and the nephews. Trey was looking suave in his Ratatouille (is that right?) costume.
And Cole looked fabulous as a dragon/dino. Not sure about which, but he sure looked cute!
Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night.