Friday, May 15, 2009

Martha and Will's Excellent Wedding

Martha and Will's wedding was definitely all about family. This fun-loving crowd had a great big 'ole party and family reunion. It was intimate and lavish all at the same time. From Martha's grandfather performing the ceremony, to sisters, brothers and cousins completing the wedding party, it was really a sa-weet wedding day.
The printed work for the event was lovely, provided by Invitation Creations By Jennifer.

Madison Street Methodist was a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful couple.
Will's men were gearing up for a par-tay after several hours of good behavior.

There was a comment of Facebook that these girls looked like a Crest commercial. They were gorgeous.

...So were the fellas.

Love, love, love these families.

Martha's grandfather preparing for the ceremony.

Who doesn't love a trolley ride?

The 12 piece band preforming at the reception was the Tyrone Smith Revue. They entertained at Jenna Bush's wedding this past year.Super T got everyone up on the dance floor to 'Work that Body'.

Floral arrangements were provided by Floral Expressions and they were soooo very nice.
Here is the show for Martha and Will's wedding: Mr & Mrs Runkle