Friday, October 17, 2008

Cala & Chase and those three little words

Cala said those three little words every photographer loves to hear: 'I'll do anything'. So, after some lovely, face forward, grin at the birdie shots in the studio, we went to the creek and then on to the Beer Box. Chase conducted a mini-tutorial on rock skipping and Cala held her own at pool.

I'm really liking the fall colors and Cala said Chase picked out their outfits to match the season. Very nice. They have a December wedding planned, so I'll have to get a move on with their photo editing. I just love these two.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lee & Lindsay Lookin' Good

There's just no telling how much pain Lee was in during his wedding. He hobbled around on his boot all day, trying to protect his Achilles from further damage, and never complained once. Lindsay picked at him just a little, saying she didn't know why he had to try exercising, playing basketball, just a few weeks shy of their wedding! Of course, I didn't mind, 'cause I never had to tell him to slow down for pictures and Lindsay never ran off and left him.

They had such a great group to work with, too. We drug them out in the hot sun, it was a beautiful day, and they really worked it for the cameras.

Just a sweet, sweet beautiful bride, inside and out.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emily & Jason Make Fireworks

Tears, lots of happy tears, laughs and fireworks. Emily and Jason were wed in hot style as the golden glow of the setting sun washed the scene. A huge fan of outdoor weddings, I really enjoyed all this natural lighting and high emotion at Jason's family home, the venue for their wedding day.
Emily's mom and dad were all smiles, all day. The leis they presented to each other are a nod to Jason's Hawaiian heritage and a nice touch.
The colors Emily chose were earthy and fall feeling; just right with the nip in the air after the sun set.

Apparently, Jason is a big fan of fireworks, as I heard someone say this was the first time he wasn't taking care of the lighting.
Terry and I just really felt at home and well cared for from the moment we got there. Thanks guys. We wish you the best of everything.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wedding Book Designed

I completed Jordan and Michael's wedding book in record time as I need it to show at the Best of Clarksville March of Dimes fund raiser next week. These are three of the images included and the complete book is on the slideshow here: Evans Rye Wedding
This is my image from Jordan's bridal session at Smith Trahern Mansion.
This one of Mikey was taken by Shea Halliburton.
I thought it was too cute and he is such a sport.
And this nice image of the ceremony was taken by Beth Waynick from her post in the balcony.
I just love it.