Monday, September 21, 2009

Mulia! The Wedding

Matt caught a flight from West Point to Washington state to ask Julia's dad for his blessing when he asked for her hand in marriage. (Swoon here) Julia's dad is no push-over either, this is his baby girl, even if she is a West Point grad also. What a wonderful match and a beautiful couple.
Statuesque, beautifully self assured, Julia planned her wedding from Afghanistan over the course of a year. She and Matt were there at the same time and even spent some time together there in the service of our country.

So very Grace Kelly, very regal.

Sis and Dad getting excited about the main event. The wedding was held in Rhode Island, Matt's hometown. It is a picture perfect piece of our country.

Mom Carol and her girls

There is still a working carousel at Cresent Beach, great prop!

The day after treat was a trip to Block Island to Matt's grandparents' home. Again, picture postcard perfect.

Thanks so much for sharing your wedding weekend with us, it was absolutely wonderful.
Here's the show: Mulia

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jennifer and Charles, everlasting love

Together for 8 years already, 'dating' since middle school, Jennifer and Charles organized a seamless wedding day. (With help from both families of course!) They were relaxed and excited all at the same time. And neither one could stop smiling. Charles made sure we had plenty of time before the ceremony for photos downtown and their 'first look' was just as cute as could be. What a gorgeous bride!

Charles has the most marvelous expressions. He is so very animated.

We took gobs of pictures downtown, even though it was hot as blue blazes. My mother used to say that.
Terry was stationed in the choir balcony for the perfect view. First Baptist Church is wonderfully lighted.
The maid of honor's mother made the dresses for the girls and each one selected her own style of dress. The one in the over-the-top bow is the maid of honor. Love it! This group was such fun. They were a joy to be around.

I have no worries about this union and we were so honored to share their day. Thanks guys! Here's their wedding slideshow: Van Dyke

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holly + Matthew = Funtime!

The Routledge girls were lookin' good for the wedding day! No cat fights here. Matthew and Holly are all about having a good time with good friends. They were a fabulous group to work with at a very attractive venue.
Holly's niece served as flower girl. Just look at those big blue peek-a-boos!
Holly was a gorgeous, gracious bride. Very, very sweet.And a woman of many expressions.
The wedding was flawless, the honeymoon, not so much.
Holly reported that Matthew had to make a trip to the emergency room, near Jackson Hole, after he got something in his eye while changing a tire on their rental car. Oh well, it makes a great story. I know this couple will have many more years of great stories, maybe the rest of them won't be so dramatic! Here's their wedding day slideshow: Bucy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Martha and Will's Excellent Wedding

Martha and Will's wedding was definitely all about family. This fun-loving crowd had a great big 'ole party and family reunion. It was intimate and lavish all at the same time. From Martha's grandfather performing the ceremony, to sisters, brothers and cousins completing the wedding party, it was really a sa-weet wedding day.
The printed work for the event was lovely, provided by Invitation Creations By Jennifer.

Madison Street Methodist was a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful couple.
Will's men were gearing up for a par-tay after several hours of good behavior.

There was a comment of Facebook that these girls looked like a Crest commercial. They were gorgeous.

...So were the fellas.

Love, love, love these families.

Martha's grandfather preparing for the ceremony.

Who doesn't love a trolley ride?

The 12 piece band preforming at the reception was the Tyrone Smith Revue. They entertained at Jenna Bush's wedding this past year.Super T got everyone up on the dance floor to 'Work that Body'.

Floral arrangements were provided by Floral Expressions and they were soooo very nice.
Here is the show for Martha and Will's wedding: Mr & Mrs Runkle