Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Terry's

My Terry made Christmas Eve breakfast for all who could get up and come feast. His sister Jackie is in the pretty blue ensemble and her daughter Brandie is at her shoulder. Brandie rolled out to take Jackie to her radiation session and then they came up from Nashville. That's Terry's Sam hugging all over him and my sister Joy at the back. Mom, Jordan and Julianne had a wonderful country ham, bacon, sausage and biscuit, also. I just realized I'm not in any pictures... I was too lazy to get the tripod!

The slideshow is here: Terry's at Christmas
It was so great to see Jackie and Brandie. Thanks for doing the driving girls!

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black mamba said...

i loved metting your family! totally worth the drive! no matter how much mom asks, don't take down these photos, please!!! she looks better with cancer treatment than most do 100% healthy...myself included! thanks for posting these! you rock :)