Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brittany, Dannie and the great outdoors

Brittany booked Cheekwood Gardens for her bridal session a couple of months back. She chose a very lovely dotted swiss gown that was great fun for an outdoor wedding.

It was a tad on the chilly side on the wedding day and a jacket was in order, but the lighting was superb.

I really adore fall wedding colors. Brittany's flowers were outstanding in varied hues of orange. Sango Village Florist did a bang-up job again.

A happy, relaxed wedding party makes our job so easy. "Now, walk, talk and act happy" They were great! Dannie built the wedding arbor (pergola?) in the background. He's a man of many talents.

No bridezillas here, these girls were just as sweet as they look.

And, having your parents own a fireworks business always comes in handy for a reception show. Allen's Fireworks was a special treat.

I just really like Brittany's mom, too. They wouldn't let me include any of the funny faces they made at each other, so here's a nice one.
The stunning cakes were created with loving care by Lorri Vogel of Chapel Cakes. She is truly an artist.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Better Together, the Coleman Family

I love little boys. I thought I wanted one of my own until I tried to take pictures of them. They are a breed all their own. While this beautiful little girl was content to let me take all the snaps I wanted, her cousin was anything but still. He is so full of life though, it was hard to fault him. I just kept up as best I could. They are both adorable.
...so stinkin' cute.

Here is the family slideshow: Coleman

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just a Good Joe

What a super nice guy. I've heard Joe Buissink speak on several occasions, but never up close and personal. Our PUG (Pictage Users Group) won a contest with Pictage for a visit from Joe and he delivered last night with an inspired sharing of his thoughts and images. Not only has Joe recorded some of the biggest Hollywood weddings, but he is a great humanitarian. He commands some nice fees for his work, but he is just as likely to forgo big bucks for a cause he feels drawn to. He also has a very low key wit and can weave a tale with a whisper.

Mindy and Phil Thorton grabbed a shot with Joe also, before dinner with the whole gang...which I rarely get to attend because of the darn day job and my beauty sleep!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gran's little tricksters

My nieces do a much better job with Halloween costumes than I ever did. My sister's grandchildren were so cute for their trick-or-treating visit. Baylee, the only girl (so far) is just too sweet for words in her bee outfit. My sister and her Jack are also very good about decorating in theme for the holidays. So glad someone does it! She gave me a nice fall wreath for my front door and it was all I could do to get it hung!

I can't remember the song Ashlee was singing for Baylee to make this hand motion, but she's just so stinkin' cute whatever she does.Four of the first cousins. Jenna Leigh got in the spirit for the day.

Jordan let me wear her horns and took this picture for me.Happy Halloween!