Monday, September 21, 2009

Mulia! The Wedding

Matt caught a flight from West Point to Washington state to ask Julia's dad for his blessing when he asked for her hand in marriage. (Swoon here) Julia's dad is no push-over either, this is his baby girl, even if she is a West Point grad also. What a wonderful match and a beautiful couple.
Statuesque, beautifully self assured, Julia planned her wedding from Afghanistan over the course of a year. She and Matt were there at the same time and even spent some time together there in the service of our country.

So very Grace Kelly, very regal.

Sis and Dad getting excited about the main event. The wedding was held in Rhode Island, Matt's hometown. It is a picture perfect piece of our country.

Mom Carol and her girls

There is still a working carousel at Cresent Beach, great prop!

The day after treat was a trip to Block Island to Matt's grandparents' home. Again, picture postcard perfect.

Thanks so much for sharing your wedding weekend with us, it was absolutely wonderful.
Here's the show: Mulia


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