Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holly + Matthew = Funtime!

The Routledge girls were lookin' good for the wedding day! No cat fights here. Matthew and Holly are all about having a good time with good friends. They were a fabulous group to work with at a very attractive venue.
Holly's niece served as flower girl. Just look at those big blue peek-a-boos!
Holly was a gorgeous, gracious bride. Very, very sweet.And a woman of many expressions.
The wedding was flawless, the honeymoon, not so much.
Holly reported that Matthew had to make a trip to the emergency room, near Jackson Hole, after he got something in his eye while changing a tire on their rental car. Oh well, it makes a great story. I know this couple will have many more years of great stories, maybe the rest of them won't be so dramatic! Here's their wedding day slideshow: Bucy

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Edward Devis said...

Great compilation of the pictures, i think bride made everything glow like a shinning star, and they really make a nice couple.

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