Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love Lee & Lindsay

OK, now there's polite and then there's just too polite.

We had dinner with Lee and Lindsay tonight at Chili's (one of my favorites) and as we were chatting after our meal and my dessert...I know, I'm a sucker for chocolate, Lindsay casually mentions that I PUT THE WRONG NAME ON HER CD! The label says Lindsay and SAM! My last two grooms were Sams, so I made Lee one, too! So, of course, I'm dying and apologizing and they're all laughing at what an idiot I am.

I know it just killed Lindsay to say anything because she is so sweet. But, now, really that's just too polite. At least it's easily corrected and they get to keep the first CD to remind me of my faux pas.

Here are some of the images from the engagement session of LEE and Lindsay.

And here's the link to their slideshow of images: Lee & Lindsay

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Solstice Bridal Enterprises, LLC said...

I did the same thing in January 2007. I substituted "Chris" for a Groom actually named "Josh." The couple never said a word. A few months later the Mother of the Bride saw Danielle at another wedding and told her. I was mortified! I immediately sent them new corrected discs. I saw them again months later at yet another wedding and they told me that they were embarrassed that the Bride's Mom had told us. THEY were EMBARRASSED??