Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bethany and Cecil

Well, as long as I'm up all night anyway, I might as well blog too!
Pictage, my lab, is now partnered with weddingwindow and I offered a hosted site to my new year's bride Bethany and her future husband Cecil. They did a bang up job with their design. Check it out here: Bethany and Cecil. They're in Houston, so I don't have any engagement photos to post, but they have a ton of themselves in the 'photo album' section. It's really a great way to keep their friends up-to-date. I was really hoping to hear from them after hurricane Ike blew through.
They are to be married in January in Dover, TN after a 'pre'-ception in Houston on New Year's Eve. I can hardly wait! I hope the area in still intact.

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