Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh Wow! Trash the Dress multi media session

I may have missed the memo, but I just found the Trash the Dress session multi-media footage Peter Carlson posted. I had seen it at our monthly PUG meeting, but didn't realize it was online for viewing by the masses. I just love it.
If you've got a minute, it's fairly entertaining: TTD
Joan of Art is now offering the multi-media DVD package (like the TTD footage) as an add-on with our weddings. Turning Point Productions has partnered with us for this video/still wedding day story brought to life.
Rob Witzel, a fellow Pictage member, has an example on his site, as well.


Laura Kay Photography said...

beautiful session!

brooke schwab photography said...

love this session. i saw some on your website. the flare on the camera is great! will come back for more inspiration soon!