Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bridal Show Fun

Our friends Beth Cullison and Lorri Vogel were EVERYWHERE Sunday during the Clarksville Bridal Show. These hard working women did a fabulous job with the winter version of the show.This is Lorri with her cake that is about to be trashed in a cake dive. There is a lovely piece of jewelry lovingly baked in, and three lucky brides, and one groom, won the chance to tear it apart for the prize. I loved watching the dancers from Lana's Dance Center. It was a great addition to the show and I am a huge fan of choreographed 'first' dances. I really liked Beth's new marketing piece, too. The huge cork made me envision a very large glass of wine!

The Bride's Boutique always has such good looking models and stylish gowns. And this bride was so sweet and funny! Her name is Candice Bostic and she was so excited to win the drawing for a trip to Whitestone. She's giving a big hug to the Leaf-Chronicle rep here.Of course Terry and I had a booth, but I got really lazy and didn't put as much effort in to it as I should have. Maybe next time... I really like the look of my friend Whitney Carlson's booth at the Nashville Bridal Show. Maybe I'll get her to hook me up next time!
I also visited with Yvonne Chamberlain and her co-worker. She is really enjoying her work and is thinking of going to Vegas for the WPPI conference. I love that gathering of photographers and the tradeshow is overwhelming. We're going!
Of course, you knew there was going to be a slideshow.

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