Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bears, oh my!

Our trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone allowed a grizzly bear sighting. Juli and Sam were so excited...almost as much as me and Terry! So, anyway, out she came.... ...followed by her two cubs; what a bonus. So naturally, we took gobs of pictures...
...along with 300 other tenderfoots. Still, it was great fun and she didn't seem to mind all the attention.

Sam and Terry and Juli posed for a photo at Jackson Lake Lodge (thanks to cousin Carol for the hook-up) in front of the Grand Tetons mountain range.
The four of us hiked a short trail to the Yellowstone Lodge overlook at Yellowstone's geyser area. We highly recommend Jackson Lake Lodge to anyone who is traveling that direction. There is no television, so we all stayed up half the night playing cards at the main lodge. It was great fun. We'll have to rest up and do it again sometime.

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