Sunday, March 8, 2009

My buddy Matthew and his girl Holly

Matthew and I go back to 8th grade. His 8th grade, not mine. He and his best bud Mason became friends with my Jordan and her friends when we were rezoned for middle school...very traumatic for my daughter, until she made these fun new friends. Matthew would hang out of my car window and yell at the other cars while I was driving them around. I had to banish him to the back seat at one point. Now, how could I not love this child? His fiance Holly has whipped him into shape though and they are ready for the grown up world. She is a real sweetheart and a beautiful young lady.

They are just the cutest couple, the wedding is in May!

Here's their slideshow: Holly & Matthew

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember thos days riding around in the Toyota ha ha. I like the pictures and it is crazy we are old enough to get is going to be a great wedding.