Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bethany and Cecil Ringing in the New Year

There was a contest on Bethany and Cecil's wedding window site for the honor of ring-bearer duty. It was between Coco and Chase. I voted for the cat. Unfortunately, just kidding, neither got to make the trip to Tennessee to tote the rings down the aisle, they had to wait back home in Houston. Coco made the photo session at one of Houston's fab downtown parks, though.

Houston is so vast, they have all sorts of parks and zoos and museums, not to mention gobs of hospitals and colleges. Bethany and Cecil treated us to a stay at the Hotel ZaZa where their New Year's pre-ception was held before the wedding of January 3rd back home.
Cecil is finishing his residency in the area hospitals and we hope to claim him as a Tennessean when he gets finished. I think his mom was hoping he'd come back to Louisiana, but I know Bethany's family will be thrilled to have them closer.
Is this not the cutest little mini-wedding gown you've ever seen? The wedding day gown was just so chic too, I'll post those images soon.

They are just so very sweet together and so comfortable to be around. We really had a fabulous time spending New Year's with their friends.

Happy New Year!

And Happy New Life together. Here's their slideshow: Bethany & Cecil

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