Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday at Soccer and the hat parade

My great nephew is playing his first season of soccer, that's Trey, the red head on the left. Tyler is kicking the ball, but the part I really like is Tyler's mom in the back ground 'helping' him with the kick. The soccer field is out on the northwest side of town and for some reason is always 30 degrees colder than anywhere else in town. I think it's because there are no trees to break the wind, maybe. So, we bundled up.
Here's my Juli and Trey after the game, all smiles and ready to go home. And Trey and his mom Jill. And the hat's Trey granddad with an interesting head warmer.
And I loved this hat from the movie Cars on this cute little fellow.
Oh yes, my mother had on her 'walking cap' that never fails to embarrass the grandchildren.

And here's my personal favorite. I have no idea what the design is, I just like the colors.

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