Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a little on the trashy side

Our PUG Trash the Dress shoot was just way too much fun. I know the object of the shoot is to gather images that are out of the norm...but these two were just too cute, so I added this fun non-trashed shot of them.

Now this is sexy... and wet...the fountains at Bicentennial Mall provided an excellent prop for the session. What a trooper this bride was.

Another wonderful use of water in a photo. This was really too awesome. These girls were so great. My contribution to the shoot was my bride, Sam. Sam is a very non-southern belle. Her dark, sultry features (Portuguese lineage, she told me) added a nice contrast to our blonde models. Sam is a New Hampshire native and is in my neck of the woods with her military husband.
Sam also is a member of Nashville Music City Roller Girls and competes on a regular basis.

After the water fun, our fearless leader, Danielle Adams, led us downtown to Printer's Alley for some exciting alley work.

REALLY, REALLY happy photographers at work (or play) ! Andrea Hallgren, Whitney and Peter Carlson, and several others participated.
And, my dream team: Jen on hair, daughter Jordan assisting me, Sam my new BFF, and Nicole on make-up. I love these girls! thanks, you are the greatest!


Andrea Hallgren Photography said...

I LOVE your shots!! They look amazing!! We should do this more often... It was such a blast to hang out with everyone and to see you again! See ya at Pictage. :)


Dove Wedding Photography said...

Yay! These look great Joan! We had so much fun hanging out with everyone. I LOVE that first close-up of Sam! See you soon!


Danielle said...

Great shots Joan - Sam is looks great even when she's skating. I'm so glad you got to come and thanks for all your help!


Beaton Photography said...

WOW Joan - those are beautiful! I'll have to get the Denver PUG to do the same thing! Looks ike a blast!


Anonymous said...

These photo's are just awesome!! My daughter Sam looks so HOT!

matt said...

Hey that's me in that group of photogs :)

I love that closeup of Sam close by the wall at the fountains. Great job.

Rebecca said...

Great pics Joan! You are right, Sam is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! What beautiful pictures! My Niece is SMOKIN'!!!! Love you bunches, Sammie!
Aunt Liane